Aliseo DS

Machine able to remove PU scraps from molded polyurethane slabs

Not only did Dolphin Pack over the years develop packaging machines, but it also engineered lines for the cleaning of the product for the mattress industry.

ALISEO line is able to speed up and facilitate the removal of polyurethane scraps from semi-finished slabs. After the cutting process, all the scraps have to be removed in order to obtain a clean molded slab.

ALISEO DS is a completely automatic solution. Like all our machines, it can easily be integrated in the existent customers’ plants without any problem.

Aliseo DS – PDF

Technical features: 

  • Automatic cleaning system

  • Product’s rotation of 90° by means of motorized roller

  • Cleaning of the product on both sides

  • Evacuation belt for polyurethane scraps

  • Speed cycle of the working machine (depending on product dimension):

    • 1-2 pieces/1 minute

Product dimensions:

  • MIN (mm): L 800 x W 800 x H 80

  • MAX (mm): L 2100 x W 2100 x H 250