Ander Roll Stretch

Packaging machine able to roll up and pack single and double mattresses in preformed bags

ANDER ROLL STRETCH is the perfect solution for those producers who are expanding their business and need a professional packaging for their product.

Thanks to our expertise and the high-quality components, we developed a simple and functional, semi-automatic packaging machine, which is able to reduce the product dimensions without damaging its quality.


Technical features: 

  • Rolling up by means of an hydraulic system

  • Use of preformed polyethylene bags

  • Use of stretch film

  • Automatic device to clamp the film

  • Film cutting by timed hot wire

  • Extractable reel-holder to simplify the change of the film reel

  • Speed cycle of the working machine (depending on product dimension):

    • 2 pieces/1 minute
  • Final roll diameter adjustable with a range between 200 and 450 mm [final diameter is strictly connected to the type of foam (density, hardness, quality) the mattress is made of];

Product dimensions:

  • MIN (mm): L 800 x W 1800 x H 50

  • MAX (mm): L 2200 x W 2200 x H 250