Mistral 3B MT Double

Packaging machine able to pack single-double mattresses and bed furniture products 

MISTRAL 3B MT DOUBLE is part of MISTRAL 3B MT family and, with its flexibility in width self-adjustment, is the perfect machine to pack different types of products, from mattresses to bed furniture of various dimensions.

Thanks to its modular system, it can be customized in order to meet customers’ needs; it guarantees high-quality packaging and reduces plastic film cost.


Technical features:

  • No hand bagging thanks to auto wrapping system

  • Self-adjustment for different sizes of mattresses

  • Cooling sealing system

  • Automatic side film cutting system

  • Double carriage for film unwinder unit in order to automatic change film dimension depending to the dimension of the product in order to be able to have a random production

  • Speed cycle of the working machine (depending on product dimension):

    • 2-3 cycles/1 minute
  • System managed by PLC

Product dimensions:

  • MIN (mm): L 1900 x W 800 x H 80

  • MAX (mm): L 2200 x W 2200 x H 400