Mistral 3B Serie S

Machine able to pack sofas and armchairs

Mistral 3B Serie S is the complete line for the packaging of sofas.

It is the result of years of research and development of furniture packaging solutions. As all our machines, MISTRAL 3B Serie S is customizable and can easily be integrated in customers’ plants.

Mistral 3B Serie S allows you to protect, pack, and unload sofas and armchairs quickly in a single solution. Various products dimensions can be reached without damaging product quality.


Technical features: 

  • Manual or automatic loading system by means of conveyor belts

  • No hand bagging thanks to the auto wrapping system

  • Cross and lateral sealing bars with cooling system

  • Automatic system to read the dimension of the product in order to have an automatic regulation of the lateral sealing bars

  • Auto-dimensioning system managed by PLC

  • Automatic side film cutting system

  • Possibility to use a single film layer or to combine it with bubble wrap in order to better isolate the product

  • Speed cycle of the working machine (depending on product dimension):

    • 1 piece/1 minute packed product
  • Heat shrinkage tunnel (optional)

Product dimensions:

  • MIN (mm): L 500 x W 800 x H 500

  • MAX (mm): L 2500 x W 1200 x H 1100