Mistral 3B SV-L

Machine able to vacuum pack molded parts

MISTRAL 3B SV L is the perfect combination between MISTRAL 3B MCL COMPACT and PELÉR, two among our most famous lines.

It is able to pack small products such as molded parts, quilts, and stacked pillows, and to vacuum pack them thanks to two hydraulic presses, our patented welding bars, and a special barrier film developed in order to guarantee vacuum compression.

Thanks to its compact design, any problems of integration in customer production plant are avoided. Moreover, the machine speeds up production without damaging product quality thanks to a system, which detects product dimensions automatically.


Technical features: 

  • No hand bagging thanks to auto wrapping system

  • Ability to vacuum pack small products (individually or grouped), such as molded parts, quilts, pillows, single mattresses

  • Cross sealing bars with cooling system

  • Self-adjustment for different sizes of products

  • Auto-dimensioning system managed by PLC

  • Automatic side film cutting system

  • Hydraulic press

  • Speed cycle of the working machine (depending on product dimension and density ):

    • 3 pieces/1 minute. for only packed product
    • 2 pieces/1 minute for pressed and vacuum packed product

Product dimensions:

  • MIN (mm): L 500 x W 700 x H 100

  • MAX (mm): L 2500 x W 1200 x H 800