Dolphin Pack srl was founded in 1974 by Zaninelli family as small company of packaging machines suitable to pack small food products.

In the next years, Davide and Elisa Zaninelli brothers still proceed with family tradition developing packaging machines to be directly installed in existing production lines of small and big companies.

Packaging machines became an important and innovative solution in order to automize production lines.

Main specialized fields for our company are polyurethane, insulating, furniture and food one.

During last years, Dolphin Pack has expanded the company opening new markets and improving brand fame in the world.


Via Volta, 13
37010 – Affi (VR) – Italy
Tel: 0039 – 045 – 6200814
Fax: 0039 – 045 – 6201570


Partita Iva: IT 02332040233
Cap. Soc. Euro 50.000,00 i.v.
Cod. Fiscale e C.C.I.A.A. di VR 02332040233
Numero R.E.A.: VR – 231630


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